Expert knowledge and experience in preparing BAS, GST and IAS with regular onsite bookkeeping services so your BAS is on time every time – avoiding those late penalties. We collect and review all your transactions for a period and prepare a summary BAS for your review.

Over many years of extensive knowledge, About Bookkeeping has implemented systems and procedures to ensure that there is a comprehensive checklist completed for each BAS lodgement. This helps to guarantees that you will be reporting correct accurate information.

With About Bookkeeping as your accounts department we can:

Ensure you report GST correctly
Complete reconciliation of all GST control accounts
Make sure your wages are correctly entered into the BAS
Ensure any instalments are correctly entered
If required, we can register you for a lodgement extension with the ATO (provided you meet the ATO requirements
Lodge your Activity Statement electronically
Provide you with a complete BAS checklist and period reports showing how the GST was reconciled.
Provide you with a digital receipt of the BAS lodgement.

What is a Business Activity Statement (BAS)
Business Activity Statements (BAS forms) are used to report and pay to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) the GST that has been collected and paid by your business. About Bookkeeping can calculate and provide information for inclusion on your BAS form. If you are also required to report on payroll liabilities, we ensure that your wages are correctly entered into your BAS statements.

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