Payroll Services

Payroll is one area you do not want to get wrong. It can be very complex and costly if your business does not have it 100% correct. Ensure your staff are paid the correct rates and paid according to the correct hours worked.

If you employ staff, then you have a legislative obligation to ensure that you are paying them correctly, in a timely manner and ensuring that you are meeting all your PAYGW, ATO, Super and reporting obligations.

A payroll service is a very broad term and your business may only need a small part of the Payroll Services from About Bookkeeping. 

Let me ask you something –

  • Are all your payments to employees being processed at the correct rates?
  • Are you allocating all the correct leave entitlements?
  • Are you calculating leave accruals at the correct rates?
  • Are your employees being paid in accordance with the Award that covers your industry?
  • Is the superannuation being calculated at the correct rates?
  • Do your employees receive their payslips within the time frames that legislation dictates?
  • Do your payslips have all the regulatory information that must be reported to your employees?

Let About Bookkeeping take over this painful task for you.  We can check your industry awards and make sure your payroll system is set up with the correct wage and salary rates.  We can process your pays and create legislative compliant pay slips.  About Bookkeeping will also ensure your business is being provided with all the reports you require to make informed decisions about your employees, and payroll requirements.

About Bookkeeping can provide you with:

  • Software set up to ensure all payroll categories and accounts are correct
  • Payroll processing – whether it is weekly, fortnightly, monthly; we can process your pays for you
  • Electronic Bank file to pay your employees with one bank transaction
  • Reports to show you all your payroll obligations
  • Superannuation reporting and processing (see Superannuation Processing for more information)
  • ATO Reporting via BAS & IAS  (See IAS Preparation & Lodgment and BAS Preparation & Lodgment for more information)
  • End of Financial Year Processing including Payment Summary Preparation and EMPDUPE (ATO) lodgement


About Bookkeeping can provide you the perfect range of services for your business. We provide qualified bookkeepers for your small to medium businesses. All our clients have been helped by our bookkeeping experience and expertise. Our Brisbane Southside bookkeepers are passionate to solve your bookkeeping problems and to help grow your business. …call us today on 13-000-ABOUT or make an online enquiry .