Do you dread that one week of the year? You know the one we’re talking about. The last pay run for the Financial Year has been completed and you have just a week to get everything finalised, rolled over, Payment Summaries produced, before processing the first pay run of the new financial year.
Put an end to your stress of finalising the Payroll End of Financial Year and contact About Bookkeeping to take full control of this function for your business.

We know how stressful this can be for a business to try to get it all completed on time. Now imagine if there are discrepancies in your reported figures, do you know what or how to check for the errors? You know this has to be 100% accurate before sending the files off to the ATO, so what do you do?

About Bookkeeping has tried and tested procedures and checklists in place to ensure that nothing is missed and all reported data is correct.

Fed up with sending off your digital information to the ATO, only to get a contact from them a few weeks or months later to say there was an issue with it. About Bookkeeping lodges everything the ATO requires digitally, securely and STRESS FREE for you.

At the end of the payroll financial year, let us take care of all the stress and worry for you.

About Bookkeeping can:

Reconcile all your payroll accounts and ensure all figures are being reported correctly to your employees and the ATO
Ensure the PAYG Withholding annual figures reconcile
Prepare the Annual Payment Summaries (previously known as Group Certificates)
Send your Employee Payment Summaries (via mail or email)
Prepare and Process Payroll Tax annual returns
Electronically lodge your EMPDUPE file with the ATO that provide a digital date & time receipt of lodgement
Calculate your Work Cover reportable wage
Correspondence with your Accountant to provide all required end of year information
Software year end rollovers and backups
Process the Accountants year end adjust where applicable

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