Cash Flow Analysis

About Bookkeeping can ensure you have up to date regular cash flow forecasts for your business success. We will help you to predict if your business will have enough cash to support the operations of your business or for other activities your business in planning for in the future, such as capital expenditure or other […]

Payroll Services

If you employ staff, then you have a legislative obligation to ensure that you are paying them correctly, in a timely manner and ensuring that you are meeting all your PAYGW, ATO, Super and reporting obligations. A payroll service is a very broad term and your business may only need a small part of the […]

Superannuation Processing

On 1st July 2013, the Superannuation rate increased to 9.25%. This rate is increasing a further .25% (to 9.5%) on 1st July 2014 and will continue to increase until it reaches 12% in July 2019. Have you implemented this increase? About Bookkeeping are up to date with all legislative changes to Superannuation and can make […]

Merchant Reconciliations

If you deal with merchant cards of any kind, whether it is Amex, Diners, VISA, Mastercard, then how do you know if the monies being deposited into your account are correct and accounted for unless these are being reconciled. You could even have specialty merchant cards like Fleet, MotorPass or Motor Charge, BP Card, Caltex […]

IAS Preparation & Lodgement

About Bookkeeping can provide: Expert knowledge and experience in preparing BAS, GST and IAS with regular onsite bookkeeping services so your IAS is on time every time – avoiding those late penalties. We collect and review all your transactions for a period and prepare a summary IAS for your review. Over many years of extensive […]

Payroll Tax Reporting & Lodgment

Depending on the size of your business, you may have to pay a payroll tax. About Bookkeeping can help your business keep track of your payroll tax requirements so you’re never caught out. The Queensland Government requires that any business that pays over $1.1m in wages a year to its employees must pay an additional […]

End of Financial Year Processing & Close off

The End of Financial Year falls annually on 30 June, yet business owners everywhere always procrastinate in getting ready for End of Financial Year. With About Bookkeeping, we will take the stress out of this important processing for the close of your business year. We will ensure your End of Financial Year Processing goes smoothly […]

Financial Reporting

Without accurate and timely financial reports, a business proprietor can be “flying blind”. A common and well-documented cause of business failure is the lack of financial reporting and the reviewing and understanding of those reports. About Bookkeeping can provide you with a cost-effective solution to small business financial reporting that addresses all the imperative reports […]

Liaison with Accountant

About Bookkeeping has an excellent working relationship with numerous accountants. We are proud to say we have a history of working together with other trusted Accountant specialists to help complete your books and meet your compliance obligations quickly and efficiently. About Bookkeeping will always discuss the best way to resolve any issues or to confirm […]

Loan Setup & Reconciliations

If your business has any loans associated with it, are the loan accounts set up correctly? Car or Equipment Loans, Business Financing, or any other type of loan, these all need to be controlled the right way. Most businesses do not set up their loan liabilities correctly and sometimes this can mean that your business […]

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