We will check that data is updated regularly specifically covering accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. We also support our clients to implement further efficient bookkeeping system and procedures.

General Bookkeeping, can be as simple as entering your transactions from your Sales & Expenses into a Bookkeeping Software System of your choice. It could be as complex as setting up an entire system and procedures for you, your staff and us, as your Accounts Department, to adhere to and follow.

On a regular basis, About Bookkeeping can:

Take care of all you day to day data entry tasks
Perform regular bank and credit card reconciliations.
Process all your payroll requirements ensuring all PAYG, Superannuation, Payroll Tax and Payroll Accruals are entered accurately and precisely.
Issue invoices and/or receipts to you valuable clients & customers in a timely manner enabling your business to have a regular flow of income.
Reconcile your supplier statement to ensure prompt and accurate payments.
Provide a report of outstanding debtors and creditors as at a certain period and discuss an appropriate action plan
If and when required, prepare a cash flow budget for a certain period.
We can even do all your internet banking to processing supplier payments
(subject to limits and controls set by you).

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