End of Financial Year Processing & Close off

The End of Financial Year falls annually on 30 June, yet business owners everywhere always procrastinate in getting ready for End of Financial Year. With About Bookkeeping, we will take the stress out of this important processing for the close of your business year. We will ensure your End of Financial Year Processing goes smoothly and gives you and your business the valuable resources and information you need to progress into the next Financial Year armed, equipped and ready.

In order for your accountant to get you the best results with your tax return, it’s important to get your financial documents in order. We can prepare all the end of year financial documents your accountant will need. We prepare them in a thorough and logical way to make the tax process simple. With our complete year-end reporting your accountant can accurately prepare your tax return and financial statements, and you can be confident that you have been given the best result.

Tax time can be stressful for almost every business, but it doesn’t have to be. With About Bookkeeping to reconcile your books you can be guaranteed that everything will be in order when your accountant does your tax return. We clean up your company data file, close your books and verify that all the figures have rolled over corrected to the Retained Earnings Account. By doing this for you About Bookkeeping can help make tax time as painless as possible.

What makes us stand out from the crowd? It’s our early preparation for each end of financial year, our procedures, our checklists and our getting organised. We will Liaise with your Accountant BEFORE 30 June to prepare for finalising the year. About Bookkeeping will then prepare a complete file of documents for your accountant and provide this to them by the end of August. We will provide your accountant with everything they need to complete a fast and accurate tax return for your business.

This not only makes your accountant’s job easy and stress-free, it also saves you money because accounting time is essentially halved.