Data is the most important aspect of your computer. The operating system can be reinstalled and so can applications, but it may be difficult or impossible to recreate your original data.

It is essential that you always back up your important information and have a plan for recovering from a system failure.

Have you ever thought about how much time and money it would cost you to re-duplicate the last week, month, twelve months of your accounts data file, or even the last two or three years. Without backing up your data file, you may have to seriously think about giving this process a cost, because you may need to do this.

You could lose all your important digital information and confidential personal & business data in any number of ways:

Computer crashes – can be caused by any number of reasons and always happen when you least need it.
Virus Infection – aggressive malicious viruses can corrupt files and disable computers in an instant.
Hard drive failure – hard drives have a finite lifetime and can fail suddenly and without warning.
Physical computer damage – your computer could be dropped or encounter a liquid spill.
Theft – computers are very easy stolen, especially laptops and other smaller computer devices.

About Bookkeeping offers a FREE Data Back Up Service of your Accounts Data File to all our clients. So with us taking care of your accounts, you always know your data is safe and recoverable in an emergency situation.

Don’t leave your financial data in the hands of fate, put an action plan into place and call About Bookkeeping to start taking care of all your Accounts, then you can be assured that your data is safe and protect at all times.

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