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  • About Bookkeeping newsletter – Issue 2

    I hope that everyone was able to take a few days off over Easter and have come back refreshed and raring to go – just in time for  the March quarterly BAS’s to be completed and lodged. The due date for the March quarterly BAS is 28th April, however if we lodge electronically for you, the extension gives you until 27th May. To ensure that your BAS is lodged on time, please get all relevant paperwork ready and dropped off or make an appointment for me to pick up or come out and get the quarter finalized.

    Failure to lodge forms with ATO:

    The ATO has increased the penalty for failing to lodge ATO forms e.g. BAS
    The Cost has increased to $170 for each 28 days late.
    This amount continues to increase to a maximum of 5(each 28 days) x $170 = $850.00
    Larger entities pay multiples of the $170 for each period


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  • About Bookkeeping newsletter – Issue 1


    It has been a long time coming, and finally I have had an opportunity to put pen to paper (well – fingers to keyboard) and organise the first ever  “About Bookkeeping News”. I hope that you find everything relevant information for your business and if you have any questions or anything that needs further clarity, please just drop me an email, or speak to me the next time I see you. If you know of any other business owners that could benefit from the information, please do not hesitate to forward the Newsletter to them.

    Well, for me personally, 2012 has been a very challenging year and I am hoping that 2013 will bring about better fortunes, both health and financially.

    Most of you will know that I moved house this year with the desire to expand About Bookkeeping, and 10 months later, I have finally taken steps to do just that. I am currently on the lookout for a part time Administration Assistant. I am hoping to have an employee in place before the close of this year and envisage having the role increase to full time by the end of this financial year. If you know anyone who could be suitable, please let me know.

    I will be taking a small break from Saturday 22nd December until Wednesday 2nd January 2013, if you have anything urgent that arises in that time, please text me and I will get back to you.

    Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish for all my clients a very happy, healthy, cheerful Christmas and hope that we can all

    prosper in 2013.


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